Bounce Houses

Friday 11:00 am to Sunday 4:00 pm

Mark and Eric are bringing a smaller one for the littler kids. Nora is renting two large ones for everyone, pictured below.

52′ Supreme Obstacle Course

52′L x 10′W x 14′H. Participants race through a series of obstacles including a crawl through entrance, inflatable mountains, horizontal “log” barriers, pop-ups, mouse holes, climbing wall and slide to the finish. Double exits help provide a rapid flow of traffic! Fun, Challenging, and Exciting!

33′ Double Lane Slip-N-Slide

33′L x 10′ W x 7′ H. Perfect for those Hot Summer Days. Two participants run, race, slide, and splash their way to the end of this 33 foot long inflatable Slip-N-Slide water ride. Double exits provide a smooth, rapid flow of traffic enabling more people to participate in the activities. A fun and exciting way to cool off! Appropriate for multiple age groups!